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Did you know that Southend is steeped in over 800 hundred years of fascinating history? Whether you want to find out more about the monks that lived at Prittlewell Priory, or how Southend Pier survived two world wars, you can learn all about it at one of our museums and historic houses.

Don't forget we're also home to one of the world's smallest museums, the Clifftown Telephone Museum. Or why not unearth the hidden secrets of the Prittlewell Prince at Southend Central Museum?

If you would like to find out more about the varied history of the city, why not book one of Southend Museums FREE tours? Scroll down to discover more!

There's so much history to learn, which will you visit first?

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Museum Tours

If you would like to discover the varied history of the city, why not book one of Southend Museums FREE tours?

Learn about one of Southend’s oldest continuously occupied buildings Prittlewell Priory. From its origins as a Cluniac monastery, through its centuries of private residence and culminating in its modern day use as Southend’s first public museum, there are many stories to tell about this fabulous site.

Or visit Southend Central Museum for an overview of the Anglo-Saxons and insights into the collection of objects that were found at the burial site of the Prittlewell Prince.

Discover the history of our fascinating medieval moated manor house, Southchurch Hall. Built in the 14th Century, this wonderful building is one of the oldest buildings in Southend and has a rich history. Come along to find out more about one of Southend’s most exciting hidden gems!

Visit Beecroft Gallery for a tour of our Colour exhibition to discover colour theory and how it is used throughout the Beecroft collection.

Visit Southend Museums Eventbrite page for more details of each tour and book your FREE place.


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