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War Walks: Southend Seafront

12.00 pm to 2.00 pm

This walking tour above Southend seafront will explore the town military heritage spanning over 350 years, beginning with the loss of the second-rate ship of the line, The London. We will then focus on the story of the area during both WWI and WWII, including; zeppelin raids, “alien” detainees, war hospitals, Operation Seelion, the Battle of the Thames, convoys & D-Day! This immersive talk is brought to you by Chris Langdon, local historian

What is The London shipwreck and how did it tragically sink in 1665? Why were German civilians detained on prison ships off Southend pier? Why was Southend bombed by the Luftwaffe & attacked with V1 and V2 rockets?

Find out and learn more with Chris as we walk into the past along the beautiful seafront

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