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The King’s Wardrobe Trail

Southend High Street
9.00 am to 5.00 pm
Southend BID

Brought to you from Southend City BID, take part in this free, story trail around Southend city centre.

This May, visit all of the King’s friends in your area and see what they suggest he wear for his coronation (spoiler alert, they are not all very sensible!), complete mini-challenges, try on the items yourselves and take selfies with them on. When you’ve met all 10, you can see the fully prepared King in augmented reality and download a free children’s book of the story’s conclusion.

To learn more or start the trail, go to

Taking part in the trail is simple!

  1. Visit the website to see the trail map
  2. Visit each of the 10 locations
  3. Scan their unique QR codes with your
  4. When you’ve found them all, download your free digital book
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