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Southend Comedy Club

The Royal Hotel
9.00 pm to 11.00 pm

Prepare for a night of endless laughter with three finest comedians all in one show! Experience a dynamic blend of styles that guarantees a smile for everyone in the audience. Join us for a comedy feast where diversity is the main ingredient for fun!

The Official Comedy Club As Seen On TV is one of the most recognised and respected names in the comedy Industry and over 28 years has worked across the UK and abroad with the best of the best.

For Fabulous Friday they have hand-picked some of their favourite five star laughter makers in the UK and brought them together for you in one full show!

Be prepared, get buckled up and get ready for one of the funniest nights of your life!

We will bring 3 TOP Comedians right to your doorstep here in Southend Let’s have a night of pure comedy and non-stop laughs.

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