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Rose Windross – Live at The Lounge

The Lounge Club
8.00 pm to 1.00 am

Simply put, Rose Windross is the original singer/songwriter that put the acclaimed band SOUL II SOUL on the global world map with her penned track ‘ FAIRPLAY’, with her energetic stage presence and persona, and her over powering vocal ability.

She wins over the hearts of her audience immediately.

The Magic House Experience is her live band. This is a compelling collective of musicians and artists introducing a new dynamic to the concept of LIVE music, incorporating all her musical influences of our times. Already boasting a large fan base she honed in the performances monthly at the infamous VIBE BAR, Brick Lane London E1 6QL as a residency. It became the ‘hang out’ place to be for other artists to chill i.e.: The Wanted, Kele Le Roc, Elizabeth Troy etc. She has been asked to perform personalised ‘Acoustic’ sets based on the strength of her voice alone.

General Admission: GBP 20.00,
Seated Admission: GBP 40.00

Artist: Rose Windross

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