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Mini Market at Indirock

1.00 pm to 4.00 pm

What do you usually do on a Sunday? Fancy some shopping from local artisans??⁠

Indirock’s next Mini Market takes place on Sunday 13th Nov⁠

Come and support some local indie businesses – perfect timing for Christmas present shopping!⁠

Our stallholders are…⁠

She Sells Shell Smells – This wonderful jeweller and aromatherapist is also a keen Indirock climber and very talented creator of our “Cool, Climb & Collected” aromatherapy diffusers⁠

Merrick Martins – a local wood turner and another keen Indirock climber. Merrick’s stunning work includes pens, bowls, oak vases, lovely gifts⁠

Wine Meats Cheese – a Southend based artisan cheese and wine trader. This stall will be meat-free for this market, to fit with our ethos⁠

Contrary Mary Makes ⁠- creates upcycled clothing using salvaged retro fabrics. Another Indirock climber and we love her work⁠

Bring a bag-for-life and fill your boots!

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