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Fast & Furious: Father’s Day Special at Indirock

12.00 pm to 6.00 pm

Father’s Day is coming soon and we’re inviting everyone to celebrate with our friendly “Fast & Furious” competition!⁠

We’ll be throwing up two sets of mirrored routes on our mega Gallery wall, allowing two people to race at the same time. To offer an easier option for U14s, we’ll also have two racing routes on the vertical window wall.⁠

Our Fast & Furious competition will be open to everyone and all ages, whether you’re a father or not! Each wall will have timed speed races (an U14’s category and an all ages one) and a leader board.⁠

And as it’s Father’s Day, we’ll have a tally running throughout the day to show if fathers or kids win the most races! ⁠

So come on down for a day of fun. Indirock fame awaits you!⁠

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