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Adult & Child Art Club at Indirock: Spooky Crafts!

1.00 pm to 3.00 pm

Sketchy kids Art Club will once again be at the totally brilliant and super cool venue, Indirock located in heart of Southend during half term!

Indirock is a bouldering (rock climbing) venue located upstairs in the Victoria Shopping on Southend High Street.

This will be an adult & child Halloween themed art & craft session where you will create paper bag stars, spooky dolls and paper sugar skull masks.

These sessions are an opportunity to spend quality time with your child(ren) creating, relaxing and having fun together

Sketchy Kids Art Clubs offer an empowering space for children to express themselves through art, feeling a sense of freedom and acceptance without judgement. Supporting your child (and you!) to feel like an empowered artist growing in confidence with each project and learning to use art as a self-care tool.

£15 per adult & child or £20 per adult & 2 children for this 2 hour guided workshop.

A wonderful selection of refreshments and snacks are available at the Indirock cafe to fuel you during our creative session!

Please message us with any questions @sketchykidsartclub on social media or email us at!


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