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A Season of Seasons by Natasha Georgina Faiers

The People's Gallery

Natasha Georgina Faiers is a local lady with connection to the area through family and now lives in the area.

Natasha is an artist, writer and photographer; provisionally through her hobbies and interactions with the arts in all its various formations.

This exhibition is a an opportunity of her learning from self taught as a young girl to working through adult education alongside her career in previous roles as many things including ten years dedication to The NHS Logistics Authority and to the high streets both as a ambassador for change and a learning a development officer.

A small window into her tangible experience the exhibition is a variation of the engagements with art and the learning curve of this within any symbolical manifesting inspiration.

It’s a very personal and intimate exhibition of experience and shows it’s gradual development.

It has a very long standing vibration to the area and life closely connects with the resonance of inspiration from wildlife to interpretation as well as portrait works and history.

The creativity of adventure in engagement with these very delicate at times surreal gives a bold ability to show the other view of observation. To be in the artists view, an immersion in it’s sometimes childlike adaption. Soon it grows into a full body of work a few dippys and sense that hones in on a exploratory of healing, expression and expansion. Time in it’s learning as an artist and creative person coming of age in the encouragement of what brings pleasure.

It captures a element upon the wind and it dances with it to align itself with interest and renewed encounters sometimes against the grain and wood and others with the luminance of a memory from a scented street of joy, warmth and freshness.

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