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Southend Beach Management Committee

Southend Beach Management Committee meet three times a year as a partnership of interested stakeholders to share and agree measures required to provide a safe, clean and well-maintained beaches and foreshore.

For 2023 we have held our initial meeting to discuss the ways in which we can share educational and environment issues with beach users and hope to reduce the impacts of users on the beaches and help residents and visitors understand more about the foreshore environment. There are a number of events already taking place such as beach cleans and fun days. A campaign to raise awareness of reducing litter is also now underway.

Did you know?

Rare plants at Thorpe Bay are helping to support our sea defences. Whilst to some this area looks unkempt, actually the planting is helping retain shingle that was brought in to reduce coastal erosion at this location. Following an ecological study, it transpires that some of the varieties that have taken hold are protected and rare species.


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