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The Famous Potatoes

Priory Park
3.30 pm to 4.30 pm
Part of Southend Arts Festival

As part of Southend Arts Festival The Famous Potatoes will be performing at Priory Park bandstand 

The Famous Potatoes are a Southend institution. They play lively old style tunes and songs from American and British traditions on accordions and fiddles with punchy guitars and a washboard. The eight of them, mainly from the Southend area, often play at barn dances as well as pubs, bandstands and festivals.
Their repertoire encompasses such a broad range of transatlantic folk and roots styles that the band decided many years ago it was easier to invent a new genre when asked what type of music they played. Hence ‘soil music’ was born !

The Potatoes are delighted to be back singing and playing to the lovely Priory Park people.

Also part of Southend Arts Festival

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