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STW Creative Collective: Trigger Your Truth with Trigger Bliss

1.00 pm to 3.00 pm
The Other MA (TOMA)

Trigger Your Truth sessions focus on the mental and emotional wellbeing of our community. We use creative tools such as poetry and journaling, to express our unexpressed emotion and unresolved trauma in a safe environment. The space is motivational, inspirational and transformational. @triggeryourtruth

Based in Southend, TriggerBliss uses spoken word as an avenue to connect to the individual, to inspire healing, conscious thought, and conversation. This is achieved by Incorporating spoken word into visuals, imagery, quotes, music, as well as performing live, and hosting creative wellbeing sessions. TriggerBliss harnesses her creativity to spread mental health awareness, love, unity and encourage the authentic self. @triggeryourbliss

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