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STW Creative Collective: DIY Patch Making with Ruth Hazel

12.30 pm to 2.30 pm
The Other MA (TOMA)

In this workshop with Ruth Hazel, you will be looking at how to make patches using a variety of materials whilst discussing the history of class and LGBTQIA* culture. Patches are to wear our identity literally on our sleeves (hats, backs etc) whether this is in blazing pride or subtle references for those in the know. We’ll do a short writing exercise, then move on to playing with pens, spray paints, and embroidery.

Ruth Hazel aka Fanny von Beaverhausen is a working-class queer artist from Pitsea. Fanny uses memory and the recall of a moment in time to tell a story and create connection with the listener. Using settings seemingly insignificant, the ignored spaces of domesticity and servitude.

As part of Southend’s Twilight Worlds, there is a Creative Club for 16- to 25-year-olds consisting of five free public events. Each workshop is designed to encourage you to creatively expand your knowledge on local queer histories, encourage self-expression and show the kinds of careers you may want to explore within the arts. To ensure these series of events are accessible to all, we have a budget to pay for travel expenses per person for each event.

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