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Southend Libraries Presents Syd Moore

The Forum, Southend-on-Sea
12.00 pm to 1.30 pm

Southend Libraries are pleased to present author Syd Moore, sharing details about her latest book “The Grand Illusion”. Syd is an Essex author with connections to the local area and her talks are always fascinating and lively.

Many of us are aware of the Nazi’s obsession with the occult (look no further than Indiana Jones, ‘Call of Duty Black Ops’, Hellboy etc). Less is known, however, about what the Brits did to exploit what they saw as a weakness in the German chain of command.

In The Grand Illusion Syd Moore turns her eye on this rather bizarre chapter of history. Her talk for the Fortean Society will cover the research she undertook to write the novel, including the eclectic recruitment to the war effort, strange goings-on in Surrey and a ritual that allegedly took place in the New Forest in 1940 to repel Operation Sealion, Hitler’s plan to invade the British Isles.

This talk is suitable for adults. There will be an opportunity to buy books at this event.

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