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RLF Reading Round with Syd Moore

Chalkwell Hall
6.00 pm to 7.30 pm

RLF Reading Round is a unique network of reading groups, each run by a published author. The group leaders, or ‘Lectors’, may be playwrights, poets, writers of fiction or non-fiction: all are able to offer a unique ‘insider’s’ perspective’ on the texts under discussion.

For almost 2 years, Metal have hosted a regular group led by acclaimed novelist and short-story writer Syd Moore.

To mark Essex Writers House, a programme which Syd was instrumental in developing, we are excited to offer a limited number of free spaces to join her Reading Round for the evening.

Please note : This is an opportunity for attendees aged 18+.

What to expect from the Reading Round

There’s no reading to be done either before or after the sessions. Instead, each week the group listens to different pieces of writing that the Lector reads out loud. The selected writing might be a short story, poem, speech, memoir or piece of narrative non-fiction. The pieces are then discussed at some length to get under the skin of the text: What effects does it have on us as we read? How does it achieve those effects? Guided by the lector, participants consider the text in detail, looking at tone, choice of words, viewpoint, the effect of a certain image or turn of phrase, and so on.

Groups are run loosely along the lines of practical criticism, whereby readers are encouraged to respond afresh to the words on the page in front of them, rather than relying on preconceived ideas about a text. All that is required of participants is a willingness to listen, discuss and be open to new ideas. For many participants, the group provides a valuable opportunity to meet with other book-lovers in a friendly, stimulating and relaxed environment.

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