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Live Music: Dominic Ashworth Trio

The Jazz Centre UK
2.00 pm to 4.00 pm

Canadian born, Dominic Ashworth has been working on the UK music scene for over thirty years. We say ‘music scene’ because apart from jazz Dominic has studied classical guitar, has a love of flamenco music, and cites Bach as an influence on his compositions.

In an interview with Jazz News, Dominic expressed his musical philosophy: “Live music is an experience that people want. If there is no infrastructure for jazz, then people start to wonder if the arts matter. It’s all about the moment – people feel that. When something is happening, everyone gets it.”

His last appearance at The Jazz Centre was with Mick Foster, Britain’s foremost baritone saxophonist, a gig everyone who was there will remember with pleasure. Expect more to remember this Saturday from Dominic’s trio.

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