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Forever Mine

St Mary's Church

Forever Mine @ St Mary’s Prittlewell

After a highly successful first Irish tour in March ‘Forever Mine’ is now coming to the UK in October 2023, we have great pleasure in advising that Living Breath Productions will be bringing their performance to : St Mary’s Prittlewell

on Thursday 2nd November 2023 – Performance Time: 7.30 pm

On 1 January 1773, in a small church in Olney, England the congregation sang a new hymn written by their minister to illustrate his New Year’s Day sermon.  Two hundred and fifty years later, Amazing Grace is the world’s best loved hymn and one of the most-recorded songs of all time.

In this anniversary year, we invite you to share this remarkable story. Forever Mine is an original stage play and costume drama exploring the two great loves of John Newton’s life – his love for God and his love for “Polly” (his nickname for his wife Mary).  Based on their love letters and on letters, diaries and historical writings, Forever Mine is a true story of separation and reunion, death and new life, loss and redemption.

Although set in the 18th century, this moving narrative will resonate with modern audiences.

While focusing on Polly and Newton’s love story, Forever Mine also looks honestly at John Newton’s role in the slave trade even for six years after his conversion.  It traces his slow journey to repentance and his later work supporting the campaign for abolition as mentor to William Wilberforce.  Forever Mine elevates the lesser-known voices of the abolition movement such as black writer Olaudah Equiano and the poet William Cowper.

To see a trailer follow the link:

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