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Flora & Coast

Leigh Community Centre

Leigh Community Centre are absolutely delighted to welcome Grace Edkins whose exhibition ‘Flora & Coast’ will be on display on their Community Art Wall for the next three weeks.

Grace is an artist printmaker from Leigh-on-Sea. She graduated from the University of Essex in 2007 with a BA in Graphic Design but it wasn’t until early 2020 with the change of pace in life during the first lockdown that led her to discover printmaking and start her own creative practice. She is self-taught and develops her work around raising a young family.
Specialising in making original, limited-edition woodcuts and linocuts, Grace’s prints are inspired by the flora of the local area, and most of them inspired by our estuary landscape, especially Two Tree Island. Her work is deeply rooted in seasonal changes and cycles, and explores elements in detail to develop a stronger connection to the natural world her me.

You can view Grace’s work in this free exhibition at Leigh Community Centre 19th September to 14th October 2022.
10% of all sales from this exhibition will be donated to Essex Wildlife Trust.

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