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Children’s Art Club

Focal Point Gallery
1.30 pm to 3.30 pm

Come and learn how to make your drawings come to life!

During these Sunday workshops we will learn how to use free and easy software to turn your doodles into moving animations!

Play around with stop motion techniques, create a story board and design your own character during these fun interactive workshops.

About the Artist

Kate Sullivan is an award-winning independent filmmaker and animator, working in the UK animation industry for companies such as BBC, Cbeebies, Citv and Cartoon Network.

Make sure to book through our Eventbrite page for your space.

Sessions are £9 each session, £40 for the full block or £37 for the full block with a sibling discount.

If cost is at all a barrier, please contact for more information.

Please note, parents are to leave children at this workshop with a DBS checked artist for the full two-hours in which the space is closed to the public. Please complete the form in full in order to attend. A break of around ten minutes will take place in the middle of each workshop, in which participants may have a snack and a drink. Please do not bring any snack that contains nuts.

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