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Mrs Mosaic


Nicola Upton is a mosaic artist based in Leigh-on-Sea.

Formally trained in 3D glass design, she uses her knowledge and experience to create work encompassing kiln-fused glass, stained glass, traditional mosaic and mixed media pieces incorporating glass and ceramics found on England’s beaches.

Nicola works in a snug studio at the end of her garden, where she also delivers art classes and workshops in mosaics and stained glass.

She always has a steady stream of students but offers flexible times and days to suit those interested in having a taste of these challenging and rewarding art forms.

Nicola says, “What I find most satisfying is meeting a complete beginner and taking them on a journey of discovery to find the best way for that person to achieve an original piece of work in mosaics, rather than copying a pattern of what someone else has already created. I often hear people say “I’m not creative” or “I can’t draw”. What I love to do is to take a person, find out what makes them tick, get them to explore their creativity leaving with a truly original piece of work which means something to them and proves that with the right approach we are all creative.


Nicola Upton has a degree in 3D Design from the University of Wolverhampton including a period at The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Following a teaching qualification at Southend Adult Community College, Nicola spent a number of years with the art department reaching into the community. At the same time she was involved with a mosaic group who collaborated on diverse local community projects aimed to encourage and inspire disadvantaged, hard to reach or minority stakeholders. This included working on the famous Moon Corner mosaic in Leigh (the next corner from The Grand), with the Storehouse Project and Mind the mental health charity.

Her work has been exhibited widely including at the Beecroft Gallery, Two Tree Gallery, the Rayleigh Art Trail and numerous local venues. Most recently at The Little Known Studio In the Leigh Road where she exhibited her students work alongside her own with live poetry readings from Iain Mitchell’s ‘sort of Poets’ group . She has run classes in both mosaics and stained glass from her log cabin studio at the bottom of her garden since 2015

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