27 November 2018

A committee led by local motorbike enthusiasts and interested parties has been formed to ensure the Southend Shakedown will take place in 2019.
Cllr James Courtenay met with the organisers which include Cllr Brian Ayling, local enthusiast Adam Ball, and other residents, charities and businesses who have been in discussion about how to ensure the Southend Shakedown can take place next year, after a two year gap following the previous organiser pulling out due to rising costs.
The group has received some early funding from seafront businesses as sponsorship for the event and the council is offering support and advice to help promote the event.
Early discussions have proved productive and the committee are confident the Southend Shakedown will go ahead next year, and will also prove to be a well-attended, well-prepared event in the 2019 events calendar.
Cllr James Courtenay, cabinet member for growth, said: “Although discussions are at an early stage, the plans are looking positive and look set to ensure the Southend Shakedown will once again fill the Golden Mile with motorbike enthusiasts and visitors alike.
“There have been a number of challenges and issues with this event in recent years and we are therefore delighted that this group has been set up to collectively deliver a positive event and experience for all. We will do all we can to support the committee in further discussions about event safety and management, and the group are working together and responding well to the discussions we have all had.
“We will relay further information once we have reached an agreement with all relevant stakeholders, but we are pleased with the progress so far.”
Adam Ball, chairman of the Southend Shakedown Resurrection, said: “After the Ace Cafe stepped down from organizing the Southend Shakedown, a couple of years of uncertainty surrounding the event ensued. So this year both myself and another biker, Richard Sears put our collective efforts together and formed a committee - The Southend Shakedown Resurrection - SSR for short.
“Working with Southend Council, who have been very constructive in helping and acknowledging the importance of the event to bikers and Southend, we look forward to relaunching the event from 2019.”