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Photography Commission

Southend-on-Sea Borough Council is requesting quotes from local photographers/photography agencies to carry out an extensive photoshoot across Southend.

We're after a collection of hero images that showcase the diversity of the Borough and its people, and challenge the usual stereotypes of an Essex seaside town.

The Brief

About Us:

We’re the Culture & Tourism Team at Southend Borough Council. We manage, the number 1 destination website for Southend, along with the associated social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, TikTok).

The Visit Southend Brand:

This is the start of the line – where we set the wheels in motion for the things that matter – for people, for joy, for creativity and freedom of expression. And sometimes just to be cheeky. Forget the norm, forget the beaten path, forget expectations. Southend is the alternative seaside experience.

We celebrate the beauty and joy of individualism. We embrace different. Our neighbours might be marching to the beat of a completely different drum, but we’re marching together. We’ve got subcultures, we’ve got hidden depths and radical movements and we’ve also got mass appeal. Southend is proof that underground can be mainstream, too. Cockles, fish and chips, arcades, vegan food, military history, reggae and roots, mountain biking, bird watching, cutting edge visual arts, a walk on the beach – you do you.

This place, where the Thames meets the North Sea and underground meet mainstream, offers irresistible escapism and a lot of good old-fashioned fun.

Roll up your trousers, dip a toe in the waves and let your hair down. Walk your dog along the prom, take the forgotten change at the bottom of your pocket to the bright lights and blaring beeps of the arcades, scream your heart out at the fun park, get your steps in on the world’s longest pier and treat yourself to a 99 with a flake.

Purpose of Shoot:

To capture a series of hero images that show people enjoying themselves at various locations and attractions across Southend.

To showcase the diversity of the Borough in terms of landscapes, people and experiences etc. Increase awareness.

To raise the profile of Southend and challenge the stereotypes that are usually associated with an Essex seaside town. We want to use iconic imagery to show there is much more to Southend than people realise. To entice people to visit and experience Southend through this photography, by appealing to the senses and emotions. We want them to feel they want to be here.

All images will be used on our website, social media and general print/digital advertising.

Date of Shoot:

August/September/October/November 2021

Image Requirements:

  • Specification – We require a minimum of 1000 shots, of mixed portrait and landscape shots, minimum of 300dpi.
  • Content/Style – Visit Southend imagery should be vibrant, edgy and contemporary in style, reflecting the diversity of the places and people of Southend, whilst avoiding stereotypes. Imagery should be natural yet energetic.
  • Licensing Terms – Out-right perpetuity.
  • Locations – We require 10-20 photos from each of the following locations:
    • Beaches: to include general good weather landscape shots and people swimming/playing/ watersports/picnicking where possible: Shoebury East Beach, Shoebury Common, Thorpe Bay Beach, Jubilee Beach, Three Shells Beach/Lagoon, Westcliff Beach, Chalkwell Beach, Bell Wharf Beach.
    • Attractions: to include general venue shots and people enjoying themselves: Southend Pier, Adventure Island, Sealife Adventure, Adventure Inside, Adventure Golf, Seafront Arcades, Cliff Lift, Prittlewell Priory, Southchurch Hall, Central Museum, Pier Museum.
    • Parks: to include general good weather landscape shots and people exercising/picnicking/playing/dog walking/sport etc where possible: Priory Park, Chalkwell Park, Southchurch Park, Belfairs Woods, Belton Hills Nature Reserve, Edwards Hall Park, Gunners Park, Churchill Gardens, Prittlewell Square, Cliff Gardens, Warrior Square Gardens, Friars Park and Fishing Lake, Two Tree Island,
    • Shopping Areas: to include general area shots and people shopping: Leigh Broadway/High Street, Hamlet Court Road, Eastwood, Southend High Street, Southchurch, Thorpe Bay, Shoebury High Street.
    • Places of Interest: to include general area shots and people: Old Leigh, Leigh Church Steps, Leigh Cliffs, Gypsy Bridge, Cinder Path, Royal Terrace, City Beach/Fountains, general seafront/promenade, Bandstand (concerts every weekend until September)
    • Food & Drink: to include general venue shots and people eating and/or drinking: Rossi Ice Cream, Roberto’s, seaside treats (doughnuts, candy floss etc) fish and chips, seafood/cockles, Peterboat, Ocean Beach, RBG Grill, Seven, Roslin, Caddies, Mangetout, Railway Hotel, Royal Hotel/Dr Legba’s etc,

Photographer/Agency Requirements:

An in depth knowledge of Southend and the surrounding area is a must as the chosen photographer/agency will need to work independently, and manage all aspects of the shoot, including scouting locations and sourcing models/props where necessary.

Data compliance is of upmost importance to Southend-on-Sea Borough Council. Where applicable, consent must be obtained. This must be factored in in the planning stage and on a shoot day it will be the responsibility of the photographer to manage. Consent forms will need to be issued for models and people featuring within the shots.

How to Apply

If you’d like to quote for this commission, please fill in the form below with as much information as possible. This is only an initial show of interest, and more details can be provided later.

The closing date for submissions is Midnight on Friday 6th August 2021.

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