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‘What an Earth is an NFT?’ Workshop with Jon Rust

3.00 pm to 5.00 pm

Are you curious about NFTs? If so join TOMA artist Jon Rust who will host an informal workshop on what a ‘non fungible token’ is, how NFTs relate to ‘cryptocurrencies’; ‘Web 3.0’; and their
application in terms of digital art and beyond. This workshop does not assume prior knowledge and is appropriate for those over 15 years of age.

Artist Bio:

Jon Rust lives and works in Essex. He has been making digital art since 2008 and has current work on show at the TOMA project space in The Royals Shopping Centre, Southend. He is particularly interested in the emergence of the NFT space and he’s keen to share his curiosity, knowledge, and interest to discuss this exciting, confusing, and contradictory new phenomenon.

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