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The Lockdown Open

Beecroft Art Gallery
Southend-on-Sea City Council

The Covid19 lockdown was an experience we will never forget. For all of us it brought almost unimaginable change to our daily lives. Suddenly the most basic tasks became ones steeped in importance, routine and comforting repetition. Missing and longing became an experience we all felt in similar ways. How we filled our time, for some, became a regimented form steeped in comfort and familiarity. For many of us the time allowed opportunity to create in a way not previously possible. Whether you were someone used to the creative process or part of the many who took up something new, our endeavours were no longer tinged in embarrassment but instead a cause for personal pride.

In June 2020, using #Thelockdownopen, we appealed to our followers on social media to upload the work they had been creating and what followed far exceeded our expectation.

Shown here are as many of these works as we could show you. These we hope reflect the individual and community experience we all had.

To see all the works submitted visit twitter @beecroftgallery or Instagram/facebook @beecroftartgallery using #TheLockDownOpen

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