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Park Inn by Radisson Palace
5.30 pm to 7.30 pm

UK : 1h 45m : 2021 : Directed by James Smith

17.30 : The Ballroom, Park Inn by Radisson Palace : Tickets £7.00

Joe Brooke has dark interests. As well as working under the radar for low-level criminals as a surveillance operative, he also has a fascination with serial killers – his bookshelf is filled with biographies on the most notorious murderers of modern times. Ironically, however, Joe’s hometown of Clairmont is the home of the country’s latest serial killer. Three local women have been brutally murdered by an attacker dubbed The Clairmont Murderer, a copycat killer who re-enacts the sickening murders depicted in a series of violent crime novels, the fanatical popularity of which is sweeping through the country. Having recently watched a TV crime show highlighting the case, Joe finds himself embroiled in the world of The Clairmont Murderer when he witnesses some disturbing behaviour in the course of his work.

+ Clan

Scotland : 14m : Directed by Claudia Lee

Following a sudden death in her family, a woman travels to her mother’s childhood home in rural Scotland, seeking closure. While there she discovers her family were part of an ancient pagan community. Things turn darkly sinister when they try to recruit her.

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