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Sunday Children’s Art Club

Focal Point Gallery
1.30 pm to 3.30 pm

The last block of the academic year will be led by artist Steve Lawes.

With Steve, we will travel back through Britain’s past to the times of the Romans, Celts, Saxons and Vikings. In these sessions, we will try out several different artforms and learn about the people who lived on this island before us. Learn to draw Celtic Knotworks, write a secret code in ancient Runes, and build our own miniature Stonehenge!

To book weekly or by block for Steve Lawes’ sessions, please visit our Eventbrite.

If cost is at all a barrier, please contact for more information.

Please note, parents are to leave children at this workshop with a DBS checked artist for the full two-hours in which the space is closed to the public. Please complete the form in full in order to attend. A break of around ten minutes will take place in the middle of each workshop, in which participants may have a snack and a drink. Please do not bring any snack that contains nuts.

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