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Stories by the Sea

Shoebury East Beach
11.00 am to 4.00 pm
Part of Southend Arts Festival

As part of Southend Arts Festival 

A lovely story telling event situated at East Beach on 19th September 11-3pm.

An exciting line up of local and national authors will be telling their stories on stage, as well as walkabout characters, rides, unicorns and more! Take a look below for more about the day ahead!

Hannah Brailsford 
Hannah will be telling some fishy tales about Southend on Sea, including an extraordinary dip in the sea and a very hungry sea cat.

Captain Calamity
“Captain Calamity loves nothing more than entertaining his crew with his magic whilst sailing the high seas looking for treasure. He is so proud of the name his crew bestowed upon him, although he doesn’t quite understand the reason…  Nothing, but nothing, ever goes wrong! Be it steering towards the helpful bright light flashing near the rocks, digging for gold when there is a Z (everyone knows Z marks the spot) or performing his show on the decks of the ship in the middle of a storm, there is nothing disastrous about this Old Cap’n!”

Justin Coe
Performance Poet Justin Coe has been stuck inside for far too long! Now he is taking his words for a walk on the wild side, with some unruly rhymes, rowdy songs and silly stories, celebrating life in the big outdoors.
Justin is the author of two acclaimed children’s poetry books (The Dictionary of Dads and The Magic of Mums) and more than a dozen spoken word theatre shows for families. Funny, lively and energetic, he has entertained everywhere from Shanghai to… Shoeburyness, and from The Savoy Hotel to street corners, steam trains and a sitting room made entirely out of newspaper.

Colin Taylor
Described as a dynamic and distinctive storyteller, Colin tells tales that children love. He uses the techniques and enthusiasm gained over 30 years of teaching, including eight years as a popular supply teacher.

Shane Ibbs
As a storyteller, Shane’s content will be Folk and Fairy Tales, the exact stories will be dependent on the audience. Shane will be telling some very tried and tested family favourite stories. They will most likely involve; dark woods, Giants, a talking Bull, other talking animals, probably some Pirates and a story about Lobster and Crab the two very best of friends. If you’re lucky he may bring an acoustic musical instrument or two.

Travelling Theatre Box
Travelling theatre box provides children’s theatre shows ideal for family festivals all over the UK. Travelling theatre box will perform shows during the event which are idea for families to enjoy and interact together.

Peppa Pig
Peppa Pig will be making a special appearance at the event for meet and greet opportunities. Tickets for Peppa are free but will need to collected from the stage to ensure everyone gets to say hi!

Real Unicorns
Also at the event there will be 4 beautiful Unicorns courtesy of The Ramblers Riding Club. You can even have a ride on one! For a small fee – of course you’ll get to have your photo taken with them too!

Welfare statement..
All the horses at the Ramblers riding club and pony parties are licensed by our local authority for horse riding onsite and at events. 
All our horses are thoroughly checked for soundness and wellbeing by an experienced vet. Each of our horses have an individual care plan and their workload constantly monitored for the welfare of the horses. The wellbeing and health of our horses is our upmost priority. 

There will be children’s rides, including trampolines, bungees and teacups!

Giant Bubbles
Bubbleologists will entertain the crowd with a mix and mingle style bubble walkabout. They will create giant bubbles, clouds of billions of bubbles, people INSIDE bubbles, bubble haircuts and mind boggling bubble tricks, fun for all ages!

There were also be trade stands and arts and crafts. What more could you need?!

It’s the perfect Sunday entertainment for your little seaside cherubs.

Also part of Southend Arts Festival

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