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Situated Practice

11.00 am to 4.00 pm

Situated Practice is a one day creative writing course relating to place and our sense of space, hosted by novelist Lee Rourke. The workshop will focus on writing techniques to help evoke an unmistakable sense of place, paying attention to people, atmosphere, soundscape and landscape.

Lee Rourke is the author of the short story collection ‘Everyday’, the novels ‘The Canal’, ‘Vulgar Things’ and most recently ‘Glitch’, as well as poetry collections ‘Vantablack’ and ‘Varroa Destructor’. He also contributed to the acclaimed ‘Know Your Place’ essay anthology – a ground-breaking collection of essays about being working-class. He has taught Creative Writing at Middlesex University and the University of East London, and his debut novel ‘The Canal’ is to be made into a film by StoryHouse Productions.

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