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Park Inn by Radisson Palace
10.00 am to 12.00 pm


UK : 78m : 2018 : Directed by John R Walker

10.00 : The Ballroom, Park Inn by Radisson Palace : Tickets £7.00

Young single mum, India moves into her new flat and adds to the pressures of finding employment and meeting the rent when she and her friend begin dabbling with a Ouija board they found at the property. Evil powers are unleashed and mysterious deaths begin to occur.

+ Black Death

UK : 2m : Directed by Debbie Fox

This short film, inspired by a Sapphire and Steel story and the covid 19 pandemic uses a well known nursery rhyme, spoken backward to create a spooky atmospheric film. Can you guess the nursery rhyme?

+ Dishonest

UK : 40m : Directed by John Ryan

When a deep-web cult descends upon the idyllic surroundings of Ashwood Forest, a powerful darknet force takes control of the town’s devices.
As the cultist’s gain control, it’s a race to decipher darknet’s signal – a dangerous journey into Ashwood Forest begins but what secrets will be unearthed?

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