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Making Waves – Live Street Art

Part of Southend Arts Festival

Join Internationally renowned artist Dan Kitchener (DANK) who specialises in worldwide street art, epic scale murals, interior and exterior works of art – between the 16th and 19th Sept – Dan will transform the side wall of The Mews in Clarence Road Car Park with his extraordinary talent inspired by the street scene of Japan. Head down and witness masterpiece being created.
Also joining DANK will be Scotty Brave, Karl Sims and Nicola Cry, they will start their creations on 13th.

Making Waves is subject to weather conditions.

Dan Kitchener
Dan Kitchener or ‘DANK’ is a Street Artist / Mural Painter and Illustrator from the UK who has exhibited his work and painted numerous murals world-wide. With a widely diverse and unique approach to his art, DANK has a ever growing fan base and continues to impress with epic scale walls, canvas shows and live painting events.

Having worked with some major stars is career, Paul McCartney, Lenny Kravitz, Kylie and The Prodigy to name a few, his work has been seen by millions over the years.

Scotty Brave – Southend’s Street Artist with a Vision
“Artist, Grafitti writer, poet, teacher, revolutionary!” – Scotty Brave’s Instagram bio says it all. The artist behind ‘Brave Arts’ has played a major part in the UK’s street art / graffiti scene for over 20 years. He has seen it evolve from an underground, secretive world to its explosion and integration in mainstream culture. He met Banksy in the late ‘90s when both were among just a handful of street artists in the UK (no comment from Scotty but I’m pretty sure he isn’t that one from Art Attack!) and has worked extensively educating and inspiring young people. Now he has exciting plans for the future!

Karl Sims

Nicola Cry
Fine Artist, Graffiti Writer & Tattooist; an all round tryer of anything.
If there is a God; She must love Cry.
Having never put down a pencil since she first reached for one as a baby & scribbled on the walls around the home, Cry has continued in this vein her whole life. Always searching for new & interesting surfaces to use as her canvas, she has been an artist involved in the graffiti scene for over thirty years, spent almost a decade teaching art to adults living with mental illness & a tattooist for the last nine.
Cry left both school & home at an early age & has walked a long & often challenging path to get where she is today. She does not like the question “who did you inherit your talent from?” & she will not hear you utter those words, “I wish I could draw” as Cry believes we all have the choice to either give it up to self doubt & the obstacles life throws before you, or smash them both to smithereens & show the universe you didn’t waste space.



Also part of Southend Arts Festival

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