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Make Your Own Essential Oils

2.00 pm to 5.00 pm
Join us for a sensory exploration of essential oils.
In this workshop we’ll explore the benefits of homemade oils and hydrosols and how to make them, from stills to slow cookers. We’ll share recipes for simple teas brewed straight from the plant as we find our way back to nature.
Wellness, self care, wellbeing, mindfulness. All have been available to us for free forever, but have been capitalised for consumption by only those that can afford, making so many of us believe these practices aren’t for us.
Well, knickers to that! The earth gives us so many treasures, and whether wild and free or at minimal cultivation, we can provide ourselves all these things without a price tag that’ll make you gasp.
I’ve sought wellness through purchase power but fell flat and in debt. But through creating a sensory garden at The Old Waterworks and learning more about the raw components that are watered down and sold to us in pretty packaging, I have fulfilled a part of my brain and empowered a journey of discovery and independence.
I’m am artist who grew up on a council estate; what do I know about gardening? Enough, and that’s all you need, it really ain’t as complicated as the Chelsea Flower Show would have us believe. Plants are much like us, they need water, food and light. I’m learning every day and for every plant I don’t kill it rewards me with its beautiful leaves, colourful blooms and array of scents that transport me, heal me and calm me.
Everything I’ve researched comes back to plant power, they are truly at the root of so much of a healthy body and happier life. I mean they ain’t gonna fix our precarious lives, but they are pretty magic.
Part of the Taking Space, Sharing Space, Taking Care workshops series.
Hosted by The Agency of Visible Women.

Ruth Hazel is an artist and feral human, they are a trustee for Incredible Edibles Leigh-on-Sea. They make work to bring joy to people’s lives, through playing music, playing the fool, writing and now discovering nature. They love blackberry picking, pickling and making hot hot chilli jam. They have an ever giving rhubarb bush (not a euphemism!) Want some, just ask!

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