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‘Flint Remains’ Workshop with Philippa Stewart

11.00 am to 2.00 pm

Join artist Philippa Stewart to create your very own limited-edition artwork, using clay printing, drawing, and hand felting. Philippa will invite participants to handle replica prehistoric tools creating indentation prints on clay tiles. Participants will then create a custom calico skin by felting wool, which will act as a case for the artwork.

Artist Bio:
Philippa Stewart (b. Wolverhampton, UK, 1990) is an artist, designer and educator who lives in Essex. Philippa received a BA in Fashion and Textiles from University West of England, Bristol, (2009 – 2012) and is currently part of The Other MA (TOMA) 2019 -21 cohort. Philippa’s works manifest in the form of drawings, paintings, textiles, sculpture, and video. Works and research are primarily centred around the exploration of the role survivalism has played in prehistory, nature, and environment as a means of refuge and the importance of family passing down and sharing, skills, knowledge, and collections.

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