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Dying Breed

Park Inn by Radisson Palace
1.30 pm to 3.30 pm
Part of Southend Film Festival

For 12 months Mick Catmull followed farmers at work on three small cattle farms in west Cornwall, capturing a way of life under threat from retail giants and modern agribusiness. The family farm has been part of the Cornish landscape since time immemorial – but for how much longer?

Beautifully filmed through the ever changing seasons, the film gently, but unflinchingly, examines the way of life, motivation and challenges faced by these farmers – a dying breed. It moves from calves being born,  kicking up their heels on their first day in the great outdoors, running through the fields (“the fresh air gets to them”) then to the market and the passing of life.

It is a moving tribute to a way of life which is passing us by. This powerful film will cause you to think about life and its true value. Officially selected for the Leipzig International Documentary Festival.

UK : 86mins : 2017
Directed by Mick Catmull

1.30PM :
Tickets – £7.00

UK : 16mins : 2013
Directed by Valerie Mellon

Professor Lee Cronin is obsessed with trying to create synthetic life from inorganic materials like metal and rock. The experiment is called Inorganica. If he succeeds, he’ll get the fame and acknowledgement he craves. But people are beginning to question his theory. Is he a genius? Or is he crazy?

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