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DIY Paper Workshop

6.00 pm to 9.00 pm

Access Facilities:

  • Age Friendly

Learn how to make your own paper using recycled materials and processes that can you can use at home. You’ll create DIY-style paper, experimenting with different pigments, textures and sculptural forms.

Materials to bring if you can:

~ Empty picture frame

~ Old pairs of tights (any denier)

~ Old paper (bills, letters, newspapers, magazines, to do lists)

~ Old plastic food containers

Making your own paper is a way to save money, reduce waste and embrace a more holistic art practice. Paper making can be seen as political, exploring alternative economies and ways of working together through making.

The workshop will be led by artist Emma Edmondson, who started making her own paper straight out of art school when she could not afford art materials, creating sketchbooks, sculptures and paper casts from used bills, work admin and to-do lists.

Part of the Taking Space, Sharing Space, Taking Care workshops series. Hosted by The Agency of Visible Women.

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