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The Hive Nature School
10.00 am to 5.00 pm

This is a FREE expo event, combining 3D printing and Cosplay.

CosPrint-on-Sea 2022 will bring together an array of designers and creatives from across Essex and the UK. Everyone in attendance is welcome, if not strongly encouraged to show off their comic-book and superhero cosplays.

There will be a horde of exhibitors showing off their crafts, including: cosplay costumes and props, hair and makeup stylists, robotics, mechanical engineering, model makers, droid and Lego builders!

There will be a host of 3D printing enthusiasts, displaying their 3D printed creations, made with an array of 3D printers and associated equipment, such as mobile scanning and model replication. The exhibitors present will be more than happy to advice on all aspects of 3D printing as a medium.

3DFilaprint will be offering a 3D scan and a mini 3D printed bust to a select few visitors! AND there will be the opportunity to enter a FREE prize draw on both days, the prize being a 3D Desktop Printer kindly donated by 3DFilaprint Ltd!!

SPECIAL GUEST: Ross Sambridge (Body double of Andy Serkis as Snoke in Star Wars: Episode VIII The Last Jedi)


If you want to come both days you only need to get a Saturday ticket and you can come back on the Sunday.



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