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Bullet From The Blue

11.00 am to 12.00 pm

This remarkable documentary unravels the tragic story of a B17 American bomber that crashed just off Canvey Point in 1944. It tells the heartfelt stories of how local historians Gary Foulger and Alan Jasper became engrossed in uncovering the full story behind this wartime tragedy, after discovering parts of wreckage in the Canvey estuary in the Seventies.

During their many years of research, including reaching out to eye witnesses as well as members of the crew, their emotional involvement intensified. In 1996, Gary finally achieved his mission to get a memorial plaque installed, and the film ends on a message of hope and the importance of giving back.

UK : 51mins : 2019

Directed by Jennifer Farfort 


Tickets £7.00

+ The Soldier With No Name

UK : 13mins :  2018
Directed by Daya Dodds

Drama based on the true story of Claude Cahun and Marcel Moore, whose anti-Nazi propaganda targeted the German soldiers occupying the island of Jersey during World War II.


UK : 25mins
Directed by Alex Gulland

LOCK 4 TIMES’ is a 24-minute true-life documentary film that examines the real stories of 4 disparate people behind the headlines of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The film’s catalyst was the moving story of a woman whose ex-partner, a military veteran, went missing during the early stages of Lockdown. Millions have been affected by Covid-19. ‘LOCK 4 TIMES’ gives a voice to just four people whose lives have changed forever and how they have coped, with arguably one of the most significant social upheavals since World War II.

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