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Agent Kelly

Park Inn by Radisson Palace
4.00 pm to 6.00 pm

Kelly is an assassin, a trained killer and experimental chemist who specialises in poison. But she’s just turned fifty and has become weary of her lifestyle. Yet the assassin is in her blood – and, after learning of the brutal rape and murder of her young charge, she allows an inner rage to take hold. Tracking down the gang, she kills one member, leaving his body for the rest of the gang to discover. But this gang is dangerous – and now it’s their turn to seek vengeance.

This experimental thriller comes from James Smith and Caroline Spence, the director-producer team behind festival favourite ‘Do Something, Jake’.

UK : 90mins : 2020 : Certificate ‘15’
Directed by James Smith

Tickets £7.00


UK : 13mins : 2019
Directed by Zoe Dobson

Inspired by real-life John Harries (1785-1839), a physician and ‘Cunning Man’ (a healer who uses folklore magic) this film tells the story of an elderly and mysterious farmer who drifts through the Welsh valleys collecting dead animals. Refusing the services of the local abattoir’s collector, what he has in store for these creatures is beyond anyone’s imagination.

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