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Abigail Haunting

Park Inn by Radisson Palace
12.30 pm to 2.30 pm

Abigail Haunting

USA : 1h 23m : 2020 : Directed by  Kelly Schwarze

12.30 : The Ballroom, Park Inn by Radisson Palace : Tickets £7.00

After escaping the clutches of an abusive relationship, Katie reluctantly returns to the foster home she grew up in. Little does she know, her foster mother Marge is harbouring a sinister secret dating back a decade. Now, Katie finds herself caught up in a horrifying family drama while confronting an angry spirit named Abigail.

+ Peter the Penguin

UK : 10m : Directed by Andrew Rutter

Peter the Penguin is a love letter to the children’s TV shows of the late 80’s and early 90’s, back when everything was hand crafted and sometimes felt a little scary. It’s also inspired by the social pressures of everyday life, micro horrors of the day-to-day world, like meeting someone new for the first time and the expectations that come with it. This film takes those ideas to absurd heights whilst also poking fun at British politeness and socially awkward situations.

+ Inadvertent

UK : 5m : Directed by Sheridan Sinclair

Psychopathologist Professor West works by day at Arkham Sanatorium, but at night is conducting his own research into a cure for all forms of anxiety. He is determined to find the answer at any cost.

+ Consequences

UK : 8m : Directed by Sheridan Sinclair

Tommy is young, cocky & does what he wants when he wants. With his best mate John & girlfriend Jenny, he spends most of his time causing trouble for others. All three will discover that actions have consequences when they bully the wrong guy.

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