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Carnal Monsters

Park Inn by Radisson Palace
3.00 pm to 5.00 pm
Carnal Monsters

UK : 1h 15m : 2021 : Directed by Joe Cash

15.00 : The Ballroom, Park Inn by Radisson Palace : Tickets £7.00

A group of girls come across two people who have been tortured only to find out they themselves are about to be picked off one by one in the most bizarre ways.

+ Hollie

UK  : 7m : Directed by Velton J Lishke

A Samaritan worker takes the worst call of her life from a man on the edge . will she be able to talk him out of what he has planned.

+ Skinned

UK : 16m : Directed by Andre Harrison

Skinned tells the tale of a loving couple pushed beyond their limits when what they have been slaving away for is suddenly taken away and the brutal vengeance that is brought upon those who took it.

+ She Dogs of the SS

UK : 2m : Directed by Joe Cash

+ Slutty the Clown

UK : 10m : Directed by Joe Cash

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