Motion of Civilisation: A Photographic Exhibition

Motion of Civilisation: A Photographic Exhibition
19 September - 15 October 2019
The Forum, Southend

“Motion of Civilisation” by local photographer Paul Stoddart - An exhibition of photographic prints will soon be arriving in Southend. This vibrant collection of works will take the visitor on a journey exploring the theme “movement of life”.  

The exhibition is being held at the Forum, Southend-on-Sea, and will be open to the public from Thursday 19th September – Tuesday 15th October.

Paul Stoddart said: “I hope the visitors will see a creative use of a style of photography that was more common in the past”.

Stoddart has been creating photographic images since a young age, purely as a creative outlet and for the joy of making art. As a frequent visitor to galleries and exhibitions in the UK, Stoddart draws experience from old and new photography and many other art sources.

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