‘Midnightmagdalene Channelled Art’ Exhibition, by Terry Peters

‘Midnightmagdalene Channelled Art’ Exhibition, by Terry Peters
28 February - 26 March 2019
12:00 - 12:00
The Forum, Southend

An exciting exhibition by local artist Terry Peters will soon be arriving in the Forum Space at the Forum, Southend-on-Sea. ‘Midnightmagdalene Channelled Art’ is set to be an exciting and refreshing exhibition consisting of sketch and electronic art, based on the subject theme ‘memories from the past’.

The artist, Terry Peters has been involved with art for many years and has recently advanced his artist development in combination with his spiritual work. After researching different aspects of spiritualism including medium-ship, consciousness, quantum physics and neuroscience in an effort to understand and inspire others to go beyond their human senses; reaching out to new possibilities of existence. This exciting exhibition expresses a combination of both the artist’s research and spiritual interests.

“I hope visitors will be open minded and be even more spiritually aware through the work I do.  We all carry memories of lives gone by but they lay dormant until we tap into its frequency, almost like a radio. Even if visitors don’t understand or comprehend my methods of work then hopefully they will appreciate the artwork itself.”

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