Southend Shorts

Southend Shorts
13 October - 09 November 2018
Big Screen, The Forum, Elmer Square, Elmer Avenue, Southend-on-Sea

See the return of Southend Shorts with work by Studio Lost Properties. Made during its Southend residency, the work includes a virtual depiction of Adventure Island.

Southend Shorts is a monthly screening programme to profile work made specifically in response or relative to the context of Southend-on-Sea. The programme particularly welcomes the work of artists, filmmakers, individuals or groups based in Southend-on-Sea or across South Essex. As part of an open-call process, selected submissions are awarded a one month slot for the daily screening of works. This month’s slot includes the work of international collective, Studio Lost Properties. The selected film work was originally created as part of the Southend-on-Sea Festival Residency 2018 at the Victoria Shopping Centre.

When returning from adventures wild, the shimmers rise again o’er ocean’s brink - 26 minutes
The breeze of the fan sweeps away the delicate surface of salt. Upon the salt projects the animated fantasy, iterating a surrealist day-dream. The salt glows till the last pinch of shimmering is blown away, then only will the rigid outlines of rides remain. The inspiration comes from the local seaside theme park. The original installation was comprised of a projection of digital video projection onto salt blocks and a stainless steel electric fan. The animated simulation explores the tension between individual hedonism and their commitments under the discussion of existentialist perspectives and the social consequences from their interpretations. As amusement-making apparatus for visitors, the altered rides in virtual adventure island exuberantly wave for attention, but all implicitly performing their own commitments. One might indulge and become lost in the ease of consuming pleasure. In comparison to the iridescent train that disappears into the horizon to leave all of this behind, the carriage body continue to serve its duty, wearing down through iterations, and losing novelty from the repetitions.

Studio Lost Properties is a collective trio of hybrid backgrounds: a coder, graphic designer and artist, based in UK and China. Their common visual languages are in interactive digital media, video, kinetic sculpture and site-specific installation. Studio Lost Properties is Kang Gao, Rose Mengmei Zhou and Pandora Peng.

Daily, 12pm, 2pm and 4pm. To find out more about the programme or submit work, email