What is YOOHOPP?

YOOHOPP is an exciting new website, which allows you to shop Southend High Street online! No longer will you have to search a number of websites to find what you want. Instead, you can do it all on YOOHOPP!

As well as big name national retailers, YOOHOPP is alsohome to a number of local independent shops, helping you uncover hidden gems you didn’t know were in your town centre.

How does YOOHOPP work?

Browse the categories to find inspiration or, if you know what you’re looking for, simply type the description in the ‘search' box.

Once you’re happy with what you’ve found, click on the item and place it in your basket. Here, you can decide to carry on shopping or checkout. You’ll then be sent details of when your item will be ready to collect.

Why should I use YOOHOPP?

It’s easy. You can browse items available on your local high street all in one place. You can then arrange a time to collect your items in town when it suits you.

You’ll also save time now with YOOHOPP and, instead, you can spend that catching up with a friend over lunch or taking the children to panto.

Not only that, but every now and then we’ll also send you some fantastic offers to enjoy in the town centre when you’re collecting your purchases.