Poppies: Wave 

Gunners Park & Shoebury Ranges Nature Reserve

The Gunners Park nature reserve incorporates the Shoebury Old Ranges Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) and the Coastguard Station Grounds Local Wildlife Site, totalling 25 hectares.

The nature reserve incorporates more than 12 habitats, ranging from unimproved coastal grassland to remnant sand dunes and historical buildings. The rarity and fragility of a large part of the site was  designated as an SSSI in 1987, to protect the rare fauna and flora including the nationally scarce Sandwich Click Beetle (Melanotus punctolineatus), Bulbous Meadow Grass (Poa bulbosa) and the Cuckoo Wasp (Hedychridium coriaceum).

The SSSI is enclosed due to the fragile nature of the site and the need to lessen disturbance/compaction.

Birds that may be seen at this time in the SSSI, include Wheatear, Whinchat, Hobby, Linnet, Lesser and Common Whitethroat, Cuckoo, Willow Warbler,  Redstart, Black Redstart, Barn Owl  amongst others. There is also resident fox and weasel in this location.

Whilst visiting Poppies: Wave at Barge Pier in Gunners Park members of the public are asked to respect the site and the nature & wildlife within it.

Please take time to enjoy, discover and take photographs of the wonderful wildlife that this site has to offer.

For further information about Gunners Park and Shoebury Ranges Nature Reserve, please visit www.essexwt.org.uk

Dog Walkers

Gunners Park is a lovely area to take your dog for a walk. We welcome owners and their dogs all year round and during Poppies: Wave being hosted at Barge Pier. We want as many people to enjoy their visit as possible so please:

  • Don’t forget your lead and dog waste bags when you leave the house.

  • Keep your dog under close control whilst visiting the sculpture

  • Help others to enjoy their visit by cleaning up after your dog – it’s against the law not to! You can use the dog waste bins provided around the site to dispose of your dog mess.

Personal Items

Please take care whilst visiting Poppies: Wave not to leave personal items such as bags, coats and mobile phones unattended. Whilst photographing Poppies: Wave, please do not hold bags and personal items over the viewing platforms. The Council is not responsible for loss or damage to personal property.

Waste and Rubbish

Please help us to keep the site clean and free of waste and rubbish so that everyone can enjoy their visit. Please dispose of your rubbish using the waste and recycling bins provided on site.

Wet Weather

Poppies: Wave is hosted outdoors. Please wear appropriate clothing and footwear. We recommend warm, waterproof clothing and shoes/boots, particularly during periods of wet weather.

Unexploded Ordnance  

Viewing Poppies: Wave is not possible from Barge Pier itself or from the adjacent beach and foreshore. As this foreshore area falls within the former Shoebury Old Ranges (a disused army training facility within the wider MoD Shoebury Ranges) there is a significant risk of unexploded ordnance (“UXOs”) being present.

Visitors are advised that access to the beach and foreshore in this area is therefore prohibited at all times. For further information visit www.shoeburyness.qinetiq.com