14 October 2017

Free public WiFi has arrived in Southend, delivering a new digital dimension to the town’s economic and social wellbeing. Users are able to enjoy unlimited free browsing without running up large bills for data usage!

The next-generation wireless service from IntechnologyWiFi offers blanket, seamless connectivity for users. This is unlike the sporadic, patchy and expensive experience of so-called hotspots.

The wireless network provides a new connectivity platform through which high-tech applications to improve the quality of life in Southend-on-Sea can be deployed, as part of the emerging Smart City and Internet of Things industries.

These could include schemes to improve parking intelligence and waste collection by using connected devices to gather and analyse data. Southend-on-Sea Borough Council wants to deliver new infrastructure to support innovation and enterprise.

Further information on the WiFi service can be found at

Local businesses can use the network to better engage with customers, adopt new technology and become more productive.

The network will improve the overall visitor experience in the town and help Southend compete as an attractive destination for retail and leisure.

It will also increase social inclusion by making the internet free and accessible to anyone in the area of coverage. Digital exclusion is becoming a social problem for Britain with an estimated 5.3m adults who have never used the internet. The service in Southend-on-Sea provides residents with better access to key services and employment and education opportunities.

Natalie Duffield, chief executive of IntechnologyWiFi, said: “Our free-to-use network will provide ubiquitous connectivity to everyone in Southend on Sea, helping them to feel more connected and engaged, whether they are residents or visitors, and allowing them to access the services and benefits available in the digital world.

“Southend-on-Sea Borough Council is a forward-looking organisation and we are excited about working in partnership to realise its vision to support economic development, local businesses, community engagement and social and digital inclusion.”

The free-to-use service is being rolled out in September. There is no charge to the taxpayer.

IntechnologyWiFi works with local authorities across the UK to offer a ‘digital window to the city’ to engage with users and provide services to support and encourage social and economic activities and the growth of the digital economy.

The platform is made up of six elements: blanket, seamless connectivity; a lifestyle mobile application called Citi-Wise; a data and analytics engine; small cell access nodes and 5G readiness; research and innovation growth and brand partnerships.

Southend on Sea Borough Council granted IntechnologyWiFi a concession to deploy, monitor and maintain wireless equipment on street furniture and buildings owned by the local authority and partners in the town centre. 

Accompanying the wireless network is the launch of a clever new mobile application, called Citi-Wise, for residents and visitors to quickly find restaurants, attractions new, exciting and offbeat activities in and around Southend. Citi-Wise will also support future services deployed through the wireless network.

IntechnologyWiFi is partnering with Visit Southend for the launch. For more information on the Citi-Wise platform, which is available in 24 other leading UK locations, please visit