Wondering where to eat in Southend? With over 300 places to eat in Southend, you'll be spoilt for choice.

Family feasts taste even better in the open air. Bag a table with a sea view at the Archway Cafés on the seafront, relax in a pub garden or try our delicious fish and chips or simply sit in the sun and enjoy the seaside delights.

Take a trip to Old Leigh and watch the fishing boats bring in their catch of the finest cockles, some of which are destined for top restaurants in Paris and the UK, whilst others stock the local cocklesheds, dotted along the Old Leigh seafront.

The Arches Cafés are a major part of the seafront, and have been integral establishments since 1932. Here you'll find amazing, belly-warming breakfasts, and an array of traditional seaside mains and desserts, all with a fantastic view of the Thames.

Seaside fun and ice cream go hand in hand and Rossi's have been making award-winning ice cream in Southend for more than 70 years. Try the Ice Cream Parlour on the seafront to see all that they have to offer, or stop by one of the kiosks to pick up a quick treat!

And remember - a visit to Southend-on-Sea wouldn't be complete without trying at least one of our local specialities!


Whether you're after a three-course meal or a quick bite to eat with friends, Southend has a restaurant to suit every occasion.   

We know how important it is to make sure the whole family enjoys meal time, so Southend has a host of family-friendly eateries. 


If you're just after a quick bite to eat or a slice of cake and a coffee with friends, there's plenty of places to choose from. 

There's loads of choice if it's a seafront restaurant you're after - all of which offer fantastic food, as well as breath-taking views of the Estuary. 

If you're after a some food from further afield, then Southend has a variety of restaurants with menus from around the world. 

If you have a sweet tooth, then you can't come to Southend without trying some of our fantastic sweet treats! 

Sometimes there's nothing better than a good meal in a good pub, and Southend has loads to chooce from, whatever you fancy.  

Leigh-on-Sea has a great choice of restaurants, pubs and trendy bars to grab a bite to eat, some of which are close to the seafront

If you can't decide on where to eat, just browse all Southend has to offer and see if anything catches your eye!